Madilynn Jones and Kayleigh Andrews are best of friends, or were atleast. Now they have to get over each other.

Chapter 1: LemonadeEdit

Leaving wasn't easy, walking away, leaving her for another. I turn around for a glance at Madi, but she's gone. I keep walking for Jenaah. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be better. "Hey Kayleigh, so I was thinking of going around the track, maybe stop to play Lemonade." Says a blonde with magenta ends. I smile and nod, "Kay, and I'm normally not called Kayleigh, I'm Kiki to most." She grips my arm and drags me towards the track. I laugh when she makes faces at Mrs. Finkle behind her back. Mrs. Finkle turns around and we start running around the track. My legs speed past Jenaah's and she calls for me to stop. I run back to her and she asks, "Bleachers?" We walk for the bleachers and I laugh at the boy a couple rows down, he's telling Bob The Builder jokes and apparently everyone likes him. I did too, before everyone else liked him. Same way with Madi. "Lemonade Crunchy Ice, Sip It Once, Sip It Twice, Turn Around, Touch The Ground, Kick Your Boyfriend Out Of Town, And FREEZE!" Chants Jenaah, at the end, we freeze. My pose is really sassy, were as hers is more of silly. "So like, I smacked her in the face and she ran away crying! Like OMG!" Says a voice I hate so much. I turn and see Madi with about 7 other people. They look at me and laugh. "Well guess what? The truth is that I kneed her in the head and as I walked away, she was crying o much she could fill the grand canyon!" I shout and they all back slowly away from Madi and I glare at her. She smiles an evil grin and I shove my fist into my open hand.

Chapter 2: Kicking A**Edit

I punch the bleachers until my fist bleeds. I scream in pain and everyone turns, inside I'm laughing. "She did it Mrs. Finkle!" I scream and point at Kiki. Mrs. Finkle shakes her head sadly and says, "Now I know that's a lie. Kiki would never do that, and I saw you do it to yourself. Kiki is walking the track even if I didn't see you." She laughs, turns away, then turns back, "And detention for lying." I gasp, no. I get up and walk to the nurse. When I get there, Mr. Berg, is waiting for me. "I got it in the computer, you know if you keep doing this, you might need to go through therapy." He says, not looking up. He turns to me as he puts on the bandages. "It's Kiki, isn't it?" He asks and I nod. A long pause later, "She tore me apart, beat my insides out, then she goes with another friend." He looks up, "It isn't her fault, friends come and go." I laugh evily and say, "Really? Well take this!" I stand and punch him until it looks like he was done with life. I laugh and leave. Then I turn and teachers are running for me and I take off. "4 month detention Jones!" Calls Mr. Vije. Dumb French teacher. I keep running, when I run face first into another girl. She grabs my collar on my shirt and yanks me up. "Hey Jones.... Killing teachers again?" Asks Kiki. Her face is blurry and I can barely make out the two girls behind her, "Who are those people?" She laughs, "Jenaah and Hana, dumbie." She lets go of my shirt and I fall. "Hey Mrs. Finkle? She ran into me, and I saw you chasing her, so, I kept her for you!" Says Kiki. I giggle, "Wow." Mrs. Finkle looks down at me, "I called your parents, we have news for you in my office."

Chapter 3: The NewsEdit

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