District 1 Male: Tyson Deadwin

District 1 Female: Shimera Gold

District 2 Male: Resin Waters

District 2 Female: Edge Red

District 3 Male: Quinn Tech

District 3 Female: Quill Tech

District 4 Male: Xavier Hulship

District 4 Female: Aqua Olie

District 5 Male: Eddy Decid

District 5 Female: Kikiana Redswerth

District 6 Male: Hunter Rhodes

District 6 Female: Beezus Junip

District 7 Male: Fantom Woods

District 7 Female: Giana Reese

District 8 Male: Kyle Fabrica

District 8 Female: Tiya Jones

District 9 Male: Ferret Hills

District 9 Female: Nite Eastern

District 10 Male: Xex Wind

District 10 Female: Antera Flaress

District 11 Male: Ruck Berry

District 11 Female: Seqan Tea

District 12 Male: Coal Stones

District 12 Female: Cally Idol

District 13 Male: Hydro Power

District 13 Female: Nuclear Waste

Capitol Male: Bubby Sauce

Capitol Female: Cottoncandy Bubbles

Tribute PicturesEdit

  • Tyson Deadwin
  • Shimera Gold
  • Resin Waters
  • Edge Red
  • Quinn Tech
  • Quill Tech
  • Xavier Hulship
  • Aqua Olie
  • Eddy Decid
  • Kikiana Redswerth
  • Hunter Rhodes
  • Beezus Junip
  • Fantom Woods
  • Giana Reese
  • Kyle Fabrica
  • Tiya Jones
  • Ferret Hills
  • Nite Eastern
  • Xex Wind
  • Antera Flaress
  • Ruck Berry
  • Seqan Tea
  • Coal Stones
  • Cally Idol
  • Hydro Power
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Bubby Sauce
  • Cottoncandy Bubbles

Earlier In District 1...Edit

The group of children and their parents gather around at the Town Square, infront of the beautiful diamond castle-like City Hall. "Boys and Girls, today is the 1 Trillionth Hunger Games!" Screams a lady with bright yellow hair, with curls of white popping out. A cheer roars through the crowd. "Now, we know that the video has been cut from the Hunger Games Reaping and replaced by a song. So, here it is!" The lady who's name apparently is Dee. A song plays and everyone sings along to words they don't know. "Now for boys!" Shouts Dee as she reaches her hand for a peice of paper, "Tyson Deadwin!" A blonde boy walks up, smiling and waving. Everyone shouts his name. "Girls are last!" Shouts Dee, but now she is stretching her stubby fingers to grab a girl's paper, "Shimera Gold!" A girl with short, blonde hair skips up. She blows kisses to the others and continues until she is asked to shake hands with Tyson. They do, and it seems that they are testing eachother's strength. They walk off with Dee, towards the train.

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